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9" Depth Finder

High resolution monitor,
32 kinds of dominant hues,
Intelligent refreshing design,
Scientific arithmetic to measure targets more precision;
Real-time windows to revert real wave,
Images and sounds alert modes,
Friendly windows setting.

Sensitive dual channels, automatic range recognition,
Manually measuring range, waveform displays continuously,
High sensitivity gain & shallow gain, clear sonar return detection,
Automatic range& bottom recognition,
Any depth alarm setting to meet user’s needs,
Multiple alarm modes: depth, voltage, temperature, 
32 Kinds of dominant hues, make color more exquisite and picture more clearly, 
Dual Channels split display.

  Display Screen   9" LED backlit, 800x480 pixels
  Sonar Color   32 kinds of dominant hues
  Display Mode   Standard / Standard+Zoom-in / Dual Display / Four Display
  / Data playback / Version Info. / Analog Simulation
  Auto Mode   Range and sensitiveness self-regulation
  Waveform Display   Continuous waveform under any setting
  Sonar Filter   1~20 grades to filter noise
  Water Surface Noise   1~20 grades to adjust
  Disturb Control   Auto control disturb signals
  Cursor Operation   To measure depth of any points in the picture
  Windows Mode   5 customized windows modes
  Real-time window   Color intension, Waveform
  Depth Excursion   ±5 meters
  Alarm Mode   Upper depth/Lower depth / Low battery alarm
  GPS   Latitude and longitude, Time/Date, Speed (GPS info needed)
  Resolution Ratio   0.022 meter
  Chart Speed   1~10
  Background Color   White, Blue, Black
  Working Frequency   200KHz
  Depth Range   0.4~100M
  Output Power   250W
  Safety Grade   IP64
  Protection Function   over-voltage protection, over-current protection, opposite polarity protection
  DC Adapter   DC 8.5V~24V
  Working Environment   0℃~50℃, 95% relative humidity
  Storage Temperature   -20℃~70℃
  Size (LWD)   170 × 294 × 76.5 mm


Tips: Recommend using original Lilliput accessories to prevent device from damage.
  • Gimbal bracket
  • Bracket knob
  • Power cord
  • Manual
  • Transducer(optional)
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