7 inch Camera-top full hd SDI monitor

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Q7 PRO is a professional on camera monitor specifically for photography and film maker. The 7 inch SDI dslr camera monitor with 1920×1200 FullHD native resolution screen with fine picture quality and good color reduction, and the interface support HDMI and SDI signals inputs and loop outputs ,also support SDI/HDMI signal cross conversion.The top camera montor come with camera auxiliary functions, such like waveform, vector scope and others, all are under professional equipment testing and correction, parameters accurate, and comply with industry standards.Aluminum housing design, which effectively improves monitor durability.

  • Model: Q7 PRO
  • Physical resolution: 1920×1200
  • Input: 1×3G-SDI, 1×HDMI 1.4
  • Output: 1×3G-SDI, 1×HDMI 1.4
  • Feature: HDR, SDI & HDMI cross conversion,metal housing
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    Q7PRO_ (1)

    A Better Camera & camcorder Assist

    Q7 PRO matches with world-famous 4K / FHD camera & camcorder brands, to assist cameraman in better photography

    experience for variety of applications, i.e. filming on site, broadcast live action, making movies and post-production, etc.

    Metal Housing Design

    Compact and firm metal body, which make great convenient for cameraman in outdoor environment.


    Q7PRO_ (2)

    Adjustable color space & Accurate color calibration

    Native, SMPTE-C, Rec. 709 and EBU are optional for color space.A specific calibration to reproduce the colors

    of the image color space.Color calibration supports the PRO/LTE version of LightSpace CMS by Light Illusion.

    Q7PRO_ (3)

    HDR and Gamma

    When HDR is activated, the display reproduces a greater dynamic range of luminosity, allowing lighter and darker details to be displayed more clearly.

    Effectively enhancing the overall picture quality. Select the appropriate gamma mode among of 1.8, 2.0, 2.2, 2.35, 2.4, 2.6 and 2.8.

    Note: The Gamma menu becomes activated when the HDR is set to Off. The Gamma menu becomes deactivated when the color space is set to Native.


    Q7PRO_ (4)


    Wider color gamut range to make precise color reproduction of Rec.  709 color space with built-in 3D LUT,

    featuring 8 default logs and 6 user logs.Supports loading the .cube file via USB flash disk.


    Q7PRO_ (5)

    SDI and HDMI cross conversion

    The HDMI output connector can actively transmit an HDMI input signal or output an HDMI signal that has been converted

    from an SDI signal. In short, signal transmits from SDI input to HDMI output and from HDMI input to SDI output.


    Q7PRO_ (6)

    Camera Auxiliary Functions & Easy-to-use

    Q7 pro provides plenty of auxiliary functions for taking photos and making movies, such as peaking, false color and audio level meter.

    F1 and F2user-definable buttons to custom auxiliary functions as shortcut, such as peaking, underscan and checkfield. Use the Dial

    to select and adjust the value among of sharpness, saturation, tint and volume, etc. EXIT Single press to activate mute function under 

    non menu mode; Single press to exit under menu mode. 

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  • Display
    Size 7”
    Resolution 1920 x 1200
    Brightness 500cd/m²
    Aspect ratio 16:10
    Contrast 1000:1
    Viewing Angle 170°/170°(H/V)
    Anamorphic de-squeeze 2x, 1.5x, 1.33x
    HDR ST2084 300/1000/10000/HLG
    Supported Log formats Sony SLog / SLog2 / SLog3…
    Look up table (LUT) support 3D LUT (.cube format)
    Technology Calibration to Rec.709 with optional calibration unit
    Video Input
    SDI 1×3G
    HDMI 1×HDMI 1.4
    Video Loop Output (SDI / HDMI cross conversion)
    SDI 1×3G
    HDMI 1×HDMI 1.4
    Supported In / Out Formats
    SDI 720p 50/60, 1080i 50/60, 1080pSF 24/25/30, 1080p 24/25/30/50/60
    HDMI 720p 50/60, 1080i 50/60, 1080p 24/25/30/50/60
    Audio In/Out (48kHz PCM Audio)
    SDI 12ch 48kHz 24-bit
    HDMI 2ch 24-bit
    Ear Jack 3.5mm - 2ch 48kHz 24-bit
    Built-in Speakers 1
    Operating power ≤12W
    DC In DC 7-24V
    Compatible batteries NP-F Series and LP-E6
    Input voltage (battery) 7.2V nominal
    Operating Temperature 0℃~50℃
    Storage Temperature -20℃~60℃
    Dimension(LWD) 182×124×22mm
    Weight 405g

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