LILLIPUT New Products PVM210/210S

The professional video monitor is wide field of vision and matched with excellent color space, which reproduced the colorful world with the most authentic elements.
-- HDMI1.4 supporting 4K 30Hz.
-- 3G-SDI input & loop output.
-- 1000cd/㎡ high brightness.
-- 1920X1080 high resolution.
-- Support multiple video input interfaces: SDI, HDMI, VGA, AV.
-- FN User-definable function button.
-- HDR supporting HDR10_300, HDR10_1000, HDR10_10000, HLG.
-- Color Temperature (6500K, 7500K, 9300K, User).
-- Markers & Aspect Mat (Pixel to pixel, Zoom, Aspect ).
-- Scan (Fullscan, Underscan, Overscan).
-- Marker color (Red, Green, Blue, Mono).


Clicking the link to get more detail about PVM210/210S:

Post time: Nov-21-2020