Agriculture Vehicle

Precision agriculture is a modern agricultural production technology that implements precise timing, positioning and quantitative control on farming, which can maximize agricultural productivity and can achieve sustainable agriculture with high quality, high yield and low consumption.

Lilliput rugged tablet PC has been widely applied in the field of intelligent farming systems as an important part, such as sowing, irrigators, fertilizer vehicles, etc. With wireless network, accurate GNSS positioning, IP6X rating, wide voltage and anti-vibration, the tablet can adapt to harsh environments.

1. High precision autopilot
2. Management of fuel consumption
3. Complete reports of field activities
4. GPS Navigation and sensors for vehicles
5. Management of equipment maintenance
6. Effective management of agricultural operations
7. High precision of seed planting count and mapping
8. Automatic control of liquid dosage by hydraulic motors
9. Saving time and manpower
10.Monitoring of sowing, fertilizer spraying and liquid manure
11.Vehicle guide with a light bar and an onscreen virtual road
12.Reducing the waste of materials and damage to the crops