Taxi Dispatch & Management

Lilliput mobile data terminal is designed for the vehicle market to satisfy the demands of cost-effective and rugged applications.It supports multiple connection methods, such as LTE, WIFi, Bluetooth, GPS / GLONASS, NFC etc.Designed to operate in a harsh automotive environment, including a wide range of temperatures,vibrations and shocks.It is ideal for fleet management, taxi dispatch, agricultural vehicles, school buses and special trucks. 

By a platform that combines various established and emerging technologies from GPS, wireless communication to digital mapping as well as mobile applications, the taxi dispatching system enable you to:

勾 Enhance fleet efficiency
勾 Lower fuel & maintenance cost
勾 Enable better and faster decision-making
勾 Enhance fleet real-time communication

勾 Increase driver/operator performance 
勾 Decrease non-productive driving time   
勾 Overall saving by monitoring driving habits
勾 Increased fleet and workforce security 

勾 Enhance customer satisfaction   
勾 Reduce vehicle and inventory theft  
勾 Automatic detection & alerts of states
勾 Reduce unauthorized vehicle usage

勾 Minimize the Insurance cost 
勾 Shorten response times
勾 Real-Time Tracking  

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