Our network multimedia advertisement system takes advantage of the convenience of a network to provide real-time updates of advertisement contents anywhere, such as convenient stores, department stores, banks, post offices, even bus stops, and metro stations. This is different from traditional advertising players that must rely on manual replacement of a memory card to switch contents.

LILLIPUT’s network multimedia advertisement system adopts Internet technology. Users will be able to realize the centralized control, reservation management and transmission of multimedia via the internet. Advertising server offers one-to-many control to all display terminals, including information display mode and file transfer, etc. The system can also send feedback to the advertising server to assist the administrator in monitoring the advertising status and troubleshoot abnormalities upon occurrence. Moreover, the system can be divided into groups to target a specific audience with diversified contents played at different locations.

Program (video, pictures, text) update via network, and can be download to local storage box;

Switching machine automatically, also working days can be set;

The display terminal can independently broadcast video at the same time;

Copy or delete files stored inside the box remotely;

Terminal and server time synchronization supported;

Perfect area classification, industry classification management.