Mining is one of the oldest industries on the earth, with the rapid progress in today's technology, huge trucks, unmanned haulers, drill rigs, excavators, shovels, loaders, dozers and cranes are essential equipment for the modern mining industry. However, the breakdown of heavy machinery and large construction vehicles can lead to costly downtime, operational inefficiencies and unplanned maintenance or replacement expenditures. Meanwhile, health and safety are very important in the harsh and dangerous mining environment. Therefore, Human-Machine Interaction and intelligent functions become more and more important for the mining industry, as they save costs and make mining processes safer for the operators and environment.

Our Rugged and safe embedded computers are the best solution in this harsh mining environment. During the various mining processes such as ensuring safe driving, fleet management, vehicle maintenance and vehicle overload protection, the operators can record their work status. They can then collect and send various data by using handheld smart terminals, which are equipped with built-in GPS and a variety of wireless transmission modules.

LILLIPUT’s embedded computers are designed to be shock & vibration proof, operate over a wide ambient temperature range from -20°C to +65°C, and cope with a wide humidity range to withstand extreme weather, and accidents like falling or even being submerged in water. Thus, they are the perfect choice for engineering machinery applications.

LILLIPUT has incredible flexibility to customize products to exact customer requirements. We can provide Android, Windows CE or Linux multiple platforms and a range of extra I/O ports to meet your product needs. The long-lasting battery design can meet the demands for mobile use in complex environments, to ensure your outdoor work is almost non-stop. In addition, our embedded computers support CAN bus and various wireless standards like WLAN/WAP, UMTS, GPRS, GSM, HSDPA or LTE, so you can collect and manage the data from field devices in real time.

Shorten the delivery cycle;

Reduce the overall operating costs;

Realize real-time alerts;

Save fuel and maintenance cost;

GPS positioning service;

Reduce machinery downtime;

Improve life-cycle management;

Electronic fence system;

Anti-collision system;

Server communication system;

Wheel detection system;

Vehicle monitoring system;

Remote control system;

Complete report of field activities.

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