Windows Panel Pc

  • 15.6 Inch Touch Screen Panel PC

    15.6 Inch Touch Screen Panel PC

    Lilliput Panel PC combine advanced computing power with 15.6” solid displays to provide a modular solution that enables easy customization and simplified upgrading while reducing maintenance costs. It is designed for use in monitoring and controlling production processes in industries obligated to meet high stability standards.

  • 21.5 Inch Touch Screen Panel PC

    21.5 Inch Touch Screen Panel PC

    Lilliput 21.5 inch touch screen panel pc comes with IP65 and 1000nits for the screen panel, it can complete protection against particles and water.And the high brightness screen panel make it suitable for outdoor conditions. The panel PC supports windows 7 /10 and Linux Ubantu systems, and with rich interface which can meet different fields. For instance, Intelligent industrial control system, electric power industry, electronic assembly line, numerical control machine, coal mine acquisition, large warehouse management, manufacturing, retail, medical device, HMI, catering and entertainment, port terminal, shopping mall, etc.