Due to the diversification of agricultural production and operational demands, these complicated agricultural production methods need more support with the use of high-tech tools. What’s more, farmland fertilization monitoring and agricultural facilities maintenance tracking, need to be supported by smart solutions, especially when used in harsh outdoor environments.

LILLIPUT has incredible flexibility to customize products according to customer requirements. We can provide Android, Windows CE  Linux platforms, as well as long-lasting battery solutions. LILLIPUT’s mobile data terminal (MDT) products provide a perfect portable computer solution and provide strong performance. They offer real-time data collection, communication and management of agricultural production to enhance your productivity and cost effectiveness. At present, our products are widely used in modern agriculture, and forestry machinery, through a perfect combination of client-side sensors and tailored application software. We have a long list of applications we have been involved with: agricultural machinery autopilot, land surveying, recipe management, fertilizing, sowing, monitoring of planting, reaping, pulverization and vinasse. We also achieved the remote management of various agricultural non-productive operations.

1. High precision autopilot         

2. Management of fuel consumption     

3. Complete reports of field activities     

4. GPS Navigation and sensors for vehicles 

5. Management of equipment maintenance        

6. Effective management of agricultural operations     

7.High precision of seed planting count and mapping               

8. Automatic control of liquid dosage by hydraulic motors       

9. Saving time and manpower     

10.Monitoring of sowing, fertilizer spraying and liquid manure     

11. Vehicle guide with a light bar and an onscreen virtual road       

12. Reducing the waste of materials and damage to the crops

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